happy time

...despues de un intento fallido de escanear la lista original ... acá están las rolitas:

.walkie talkie man/steriogram
.dark of the matinée/franz ferdinand
.tick tick tick boom/the hives
.a-punk/vampire weekend
.not about love/fiona apple
.for the girl/the fratellis
.learn to fly/foo fighters
.too excited/tilly and the wall
.go!/quiero club
.la balada del hombre corriendo (aunque es mas bien dramón)/la gusana ciega
.hey baby/no doubt
.wank/play&movil project
.i heard you got action/pony up!
.one more time/daft punk
.im a designer/queens of the stone age
.it's oh so quiet/björk
.honeybear/yeah yeah yeahs
.mexican radio/kinky
.seven days a week/the sounds

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